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Communist hate on the web
Nonetheless sitting behind the wall, I had occasional visits from left-wingers in West Germany, who as soon as within the workers-peasants state had been an journey trip.  Of their baggage, they usually had little books – forgot left-wing publishers – that had been stuffed with Marxist-Leninist confusion.  It was written by tapeworm camel specialists who, ultimately, didn’t know what to begin with.  I threw issues away and was satisfied I’d by no means run into an identical mess of phrases once more till I obtained Marlon Grun’s e book Hate From Above, Hate From Beneath.  I requested a evaluation as a result of I anticipated the title to offer new insights into the phenomenon, hate on the Web, that considerations all new media customers, both straight or not directly.

On Wikipedia Marlon Grun works as a blogger who desires to convey Communism nearer to his readers.  The outcome was a e book revealed in 2019:Communism for adults.  Left consciousness and the truth of socialism. “

His newest work, which goals to research “how society offers with the phenomenon of pure hatred,” was written by a loyal Communist.  I don’t discover a lot about evaluation, however I do discover lots about true Marxist hatred.  Wikipedia summarizes the content material as follows: “Relying in your choice, extra numerous phenomena akin to private insult, slander, anger, provocation, artwork, fascism or class wrestle are underneath the rule of” hate. ”  Hatred “serves” to distract the circumstances which might be its trigger.
‘Hate is a fruitful feeling’
My editor-in-chief from the East German publishing home “Neues Leben” as soon as summed up an argument with me once I refused to publish hateful books for younger folks:

“Hatred is a fruitful feeling.

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