Credential Stuffing Fraud Attacks Make Up 5% Of All Digital Traffic

Credential stuffing fraud, which refers to automated sifting by volumes of stolen information to reach at reams of legitimate username-password matches, continues to present fraudsters with legitimate credentials to compromise and abuse these accounts be a profitable assault tactic regardless of elevated detection. The breakneck velocity of digital transformation has made digital accounts the centerpiece of many of the shoppers’ lives and a profitable goal for fraudsters. 

The bedrock of any account takeover attack is credential stuffing, which in current instances, has witnessed an unprecedented enhance. In accordance with Arkose Labs’ newest 2021 Fraud and Abuse Report, there have been 285 million credential stuffing fraud assaults detected and stopped on the Arkose Labs community within the first six months of the 12 months with spikes of upwards of 80 million in a single week.

Regardless of important investments in bot prevention, 1 in each 20 account logins – which means 5% of all digital visitors globally – are nonetheless bots mimicking actual customers. Fraudsters continually evolve the instruments and information they use to simply assault at scale, mixing in with actual customers to bypass bot prevention measures.

What makes credential stuffing fraud so prevalent?

Credential stuffing assaults are extremely straightforward to launch. With one incident of a knowledge breach after one other, fraudsters have giant volumes of stolen credentials at their disposal that may be validated very quickly with the deployment of bots and automated scripts.

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