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When Wikipedia was first launched 20 years in the past, it was extensively derided as an inconceivable mission, sure to fail or, at finest, to provide nugatory garbage. And but right this moment, together with open supply software program, it's undoubtedly one of the best demonstration {that a} distributed group of volunteers can produce work that isn't simply free however arguably higher than something created for revenue utilizing conventional, top-down administration approaches. However past that, Wikipedia has change into one thing else: a novel repository of validated info and thus, implicitly, a retailer of "fact" in regards to the previous and the current. That has turned many pages of Wikipedia right into a battleground, as folks with completely different views battle in generally fierce "edit wars" over what counts as "verified". The selection of data and even how issues are phrased usually have appreciable social, financial or political significance. No shock, then, that there's a wrestle going down over what Wikipedia ought to say is occurring within the contested house of Hong Kong. Again in July, an article in the Hong Kong Free Press defined:

As Hongkongers reckon with the closure of one of many metropolis's mainstream information retailers [Apple Daily], drastic political adjustments and a sweeping nationwide safety legislation, the town's keyboard warriors on Wikipedia are additionally coming underneath stress.

Battles between competing editors of the crowd-sourced encyclopaedia's articles about Hong Kong political occasions have been a day by day prevalence for the reason that starting of the 2019 anti-extradition invoice protests.

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