Mobile Phones Keep Tracking Your Location Without Consent, But A New System Can Finally Stop It

            by: Chris Melore/ through Nexstar Media Wire          

                    Posted: Aug 14, 2021 / 10:38 AM EDT / Up to date: Aug 14, 2021 / 10:38 AM EDT


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( – Cell phones give customers a reassuring button that tells them they'll preserve apps and corporations from monitoring their location. Sadly, researchers on the College of Southern California say our telephones are revealing this GPS knowledge anyway. To cease it, a group has devised a option to lastly separate a telephone consumer’s community connectivity from their private privateness.

For the primary time ever, researchers from USC’s Viterbi Faculty of Engineering and Princeton College have stopped this privateness breach utilizing current cell networks. Their research reveals that the issue with mobile phones begins with how trendy telephones obtain service.

They clarify that to get service, telephones reveal private identifiers to cell towers owned by main community suppliers — even should you flip the GPS providers off. The group says this results in largely unregulated data-harvesting industries promoting consumer location knowledge to third parties with out their consent.

“We’ve unwittingly accepted that our telephones are monitoring units in disguise, however till now we’ve had no different possibility—utilizing cellular units meant accepting this monitoring,” says research co-author Barath Raghavan, an assistant professor in pc science at USC, in a university release. “We found out easy methods to decouple authentication from connectivity and guarantee privateness whereas sustaining seamless connectivity,

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