Review Of The V Bank Version 3.0: Nigeria’s First Intelligent digital Banking App

What first catches your consideration on this e book is its distinctive title. What has leaving the tarmac bought to do with the anticipated topic of the e book or with the persona of its creator? Your curiosity is stimulated nonetheless as a result of you recognize that there can be some form of tie.

The straight-to-the-point mannerism of the recollection holds you from the very begin with the introduction by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The influential statesman’s fast query concerning the accuracy of the e book and the affirmative response of the creator, which led to Obasanjo assertion that the creator will need to have stepped on some toes since each true story comes with the nice, the unhealthy and the ugly, instantly excites your style buds as you anticipate what the “ugly” within the e book could be.

Very early within the e book, you start to hyperlink the title to the very core of the story. The creator narrates his turmoil in lacking his flight again to high school as a result of endemic corruption and inefficiency that characterised the aviation trade at the moment. He states boldly and you'll all agree, that this cankerworm permeates the system resulting in all form of dislocation and inefficiencies. The hyperlink is cleverly woven into the material of this e book and his forays in enterprise. At each conjecture, the expertise as a younger secondary faculty leaver on the Tarmac is thrown in and used as gasoline to make sure that as soon as once more, he wouldn't be left on the tarmac.

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