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September 12, 2021 by archyde

  • Laura Ingallinella
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Picture supply, Bodleian Libraries, College of Oxford

When Dante Alighieri died 700 years in the past, on September 14, 1321, he had simply put his ultimate prospers within the “Divine Comedy,” a monumental poem that might encourage readers for hundreds of years.

The play follows a pilgrim’s journey by means of the three realms of the Christian afterlife: hell, purgatory, and paradise.

In it he meets a wide range of characters, a lot of that are primarily based on actual people who Dante had recognized or heard from.

One in every of them is a girl named Sapia Salvani. Sapia meets Dante and his first information, Virgilio, on the second terrace of purgatory.

She tells the 2 of how her destiny was sealed within the afterlife – how she stood on the window of her household’s citadel and, with the troops gathered within the distance, prayed that her personal metropolis, Siena, would fall.

Regardless of their benefit, the Sienese had been massacred, together with Sapia’s nephew, whose head was displayed by Siena on a pike.

Sapia, nonetheless, felt triumphant. Based on Dante and medieval theologians, he had been the sufferer of one of many seven capital vices, the envy or envy.

Sapia’s depiction within the “Divine Comedy” is imbued with political implications, a lot of which boil all the way down to the truth that Dante blamed those that turned towards their communities out of vanity and greed for the violence of his time.

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