The Relevance Of Cursive Writing In digital Age – The New Indian Express

It was a problem that will have most millennials and Gen Z rolling their eyes. However Bengaluru-based Sriram Aravamudan posted the Cursive Writing Problem on his Instagram feed just lately, taking delight within the easy pleasure of writing superbly.

His problem? 'Write the longest phrase within the dictionary, floccinaucinihilipilification, no relation to Shashi Tharoor, inside 15 seconds, with out taking your hand off the paper besides to dot the i's and cross the t's.'

There have been a couple of takers, some from as far-off as Canada, and the problem shone the highlight on a ability that's more and more turning into redundant. With keypads changing writing devices, is cursive writing going the way in which of fountain pens and quills? "Cursive writing is just not as a lot for magnificence as a lot as for velocity," says Aravamudan, the Enterprise Technique Head for Spudnik Farms, a group of native farmers. "It is an environment friendly method of writing and that's the reason it'll survive." 

Such optimism isn’t totally misplaced. Indian faculties nonetheless train the ability utilizing cursive handwriting workbooks. "Normally, by the point the youngsters end UKG, youngsters may have learnt three forms of writing - capital letters writing, print writing after which, cursive," says pedagogist Dr Manjula Raman, Group CEO, Royal Harmony Worldwide Group of Faculties.

Yr after 12 months, younger youngsters are given assignments of writing the alphabet in loops with out lifting the pencil off the paper. The pencil needs to be gripped rigorously between the thumb and forefinger. Aravamudan thinks convent faculties are sticklers for cursive writing.

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