UGC Commands 39% Of Weekly Media Time-Spent, UGC Video Tied With Traditional TV …

Consumer-generated content material — video specifically — is
closing in on conventional media when it comes to its declare on shoppers’ time.

Individuals now spend 39% of their weekly media consumption time on numerous sorts of user-generated content material,
versus 61% on conventional media, in line with a survey of two,084 U.S. shoppers age 13 and older with cellphones performed by YouGov for the Shopper Know-how Affiliation.

common UGC consumption time is highest amongst teenagers (these 13 to 17), at 56%, and lowest amongst these 55 and older, at 22%.

Consumer-created video content material was discovered to command 16% of general weekly
media consumption time, on common — which, with a survey margin of error of +/- 3%, is basically tied with the 18% discovered for watching conventional TV content material, in addition to with the 20% spent on
watching video content material on subscription-based streaming apps.



 different sorts of content material produced by conventional studios, listening to streaming music from well-liked artists accounts for
15% of whole weekly media time, and listening to audio content material/podcasts for 7%.

 different sorts of user-generated content material, gaming content material accounts for 9% of whole weekly media time,
audio/podcasts for six%, and music and gameplay content material for 4% every.

Totally 7% of U.S. shoppers 13 and older, or almost 20 million folks,

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