Western Far-Right Groups Claim Taliban Victory As Their Own – Politico.eu

The Taliban have some unlikely cheerleaders: the far proper in Europe and america.

White supremacists, QAnon followers and others in extremist on-line communities praised the group for his or her overthrowing of liberal values within the days following their victory throughout Afghanistan, in response to a assessment of encrypted Telegram channels, on-line message boards and posts inside extra mainstream social networks like Twitter by Digital Bridge, POLITICO's transatlantic e-newsletter. 

Whereas far-right teams have usually railed in opposition to the Islamification of the West, they have been fast to piggyback on the Taliban's rise to energy in Afghanistan to advertise their very own anti-LGBTQ+, anti-women and anti-liberal agenda — one which shares many tenets with that of Afghan militants. 

On Twitter, supporters of the Capitol Hill riots in Washington posted pictures of American rioters subsequent to pictures of Taliban fighters contained in the presidential palace in Kabul. On Telegram, white supremacists overtly debated if the Taliban must be thought of good guys due to their homophobic views. On 4Chan, a message board frequented by the far proper, the Taliban's navy success was promoted as proof that Western governments would equally quickly be toppled.

"The acute far right-Taliban nexus is especially worrying and doubtless shocking to many," mentioned Adam Hadley, director of Tech Towards Terrorism, a nonprofit that works with smaller social networks in combating the rise of extremist content material on-line. "I suppose it is sensible given their share bigotry."

Ever for the reason that January 6 riots in Washington,

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