What Educators Can Learn From The Difference Between JFK And Jeff Bezos: The 3 V’s Of Leadership

Have you ever ever thought of how your management function in schooling may relate to the area race?
On Could 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy introduced earlier than a particular joint session of Congress that the US would put a person on the moon and return him safely to Earth earlier than the top of the Sixties. There's little doubt Kennedy was decided to catch as much as and ideally overtake the Soviet Union within the ‘area race’. He was additionally fairly eager to place the Bay of Pigs fiasco within the rear-view mirror and look to a brighter, extra inspiring future.
The choice concerned monumental human collective effort and huge expenditure to make Mission Apollo a actuality by 1969. Solely the development of the Panama Canal in trendy peacetime and the Manhattan Mission in battle had been comparable in scope. The aim was achieved on July 20 1969, when Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong stepped from the Lunar Module onto the Moon's floor uttering the immortal phrases, “That is one small step for a person, a big leap for mankind.”
Precisely 52 years afterward the 20 July, 2021 Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and richest man on Earth emerged from his New Shepard rocket and capsule after a suborbital flight that lasted 11 minutes. The rocket was constructed by his Blue Origin area firm.

The 2 couldn't have been extra completely different. These variations come all the way down to management. And particularly the three Vs of management, which may be illustrated by the aim of reaching area and utilized in schooling additionally.

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